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St Ethelbert’s Harvest Festival with a twist.

St Ethelbert’s Harvest Festival with a twist.

Expecting a usual Harvest Festival assembly at St Ethelbert’s Catholic Primary School Ramsgate, I was surprised to be presented with a piece of paper with a red tomato on one side and a green pepper on the other!

Those of you whose brains work quicker than mine, know what is coming.

Yes, at this harvest festival we were treated to a game of Ready, Steady, Cook, 2 members of staff had volunteered or should I say were coerced into pitting their culinary skills against each other.

Deputy head Mrs Lockwood played host and Mrs Donnelly-Gore and Mrs Rydz were true sports as the children had a wonderful time as they watching them creating their masterpieces.

Inside Mrs Rydz’s bag was a selection of fruit, bread and yoghurts, which she skillfully created into a fruit lasagna. Inside Mrs Donnelly-Gore’s bag was a homegrown selection of vegetables from the garden including unicorn carrots, creative juices flew as Julie’s garden was created with onion palm trees and a radish couple in a courgette boat.

Mrs Lockwood spoke to the children about the food that was being used, where it comes from and even it’s French name, see I am learning something new everyday pepper in French is le poivron.

Whilst the cooks created the children sang Harvest songs, creating a joyful atmosphere for pupils, staff and guests, so it was no shock when the result was a unanimous draw.

After, the fun of the cook-off, the serious element of Harvest Festival was spoken about. The children were asked to be grateful for what they had but mindful that there are people in the world who are hungry and who do not have enough even though there is plenty in the world.

Mrs Lockwood quoted the bible saying ‘ Be responsible for fish in the sea and birds in the air, for every living thing that moves on the face of Earth.’

The many food items that the pupils and their families donated will be passed onto the salvation army to donate to those in need.

It was lovely to be able to share in such a fun celebration, even if I do have the harvest songs stuck in my head.


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