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Special Guests Visit Library Relaunch at Newington CPS

Special Guests Visit Library Relaunch at Newington CPS

A host of special guests from the literary World dropped by to visit Newington Community Primary School this afternoon for the relaunch of their school library.

The afternoon event also served as an opportunity for teachers, parents and children to engage in their love of story-telling.

It is one of the most fundamental building blocks to a rounded education, and if children can look upon reading as an engaging, immersive and enjoyable activity then they are well on there way to opening up a World of possibilities as they approach adulthood. Reading can, and should, be a lifelong learning experience and is only limited by imagination.

With millions of published books in circulation, the choices are almost endless. Whether you are a Science Fiction or Mystery fan, Horror or Crime, there is a genre out there for everyone. Whatever books adorn your home as an adult, we all had to start somewhere. I still have vivid recollections of sitting, as a young lad, reading “Tootles The Taxi” (have I mentioned I’m old?) with my mum and talking about what was happening as we turned the pages together.

As I looked around the school hall, it was heart-warming to see groups of children, along with their parents, listening intently as a selection of books were being enthusiastically read aloud by teachers. I stopped on a number of occasions to listen to the stories being told and could see the enjoyment in the faces of the young audience as they immersed themselves in the tales they were hearing. The teachers had made a fantastic effort, dressing as characters from the books they were reading. I even bumped into my old friend, The Gruffalo, who made an appearance with one of the Minions.

The library itself was fantastic, with lots of different books to choose from and a number of areas within which you could read them. If you do not want to sit at one of the tables, there is a fantastic archway leading to an area filled with bean-bags for a more relaxed reading environment.

I had no doubt, as I left the school, that many futures will be shaped, and life-chances improved, because of the passion and dedication of the staff at Newington CPS and I think that this library, and the reading opportunities it provides, will go a long way to ensuring this happens. After all, isn’t that what any parent wants … the best possible start for their children?

Thanks to the staff at Newington CPS for inviting me along today … I certainly feel inspired. I am going to switch the TV off for a few hours this evening and start reading my favourite book, “Born Free” again.

Please enjoy our gallery of the event and, once you’ve done that, why not switch your phone and computer off and lose yourself in a nice book?


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