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Quick Fire Book Quiz for World Book Night 2018

The aim of this is to have a little bit of fun and share with others, perhaps your answers will act as a recommendation to someone else.

Please answer with the first answer that springs to mind – there are no wrong answers or snobbery here!
Once you’ve finished, please copy and paste it under the post and share on to your friends.
  • Favourite book –
  • Book you’ve read the most –
  • Book you just cannot read no matter how many times you’ve started it –
  • Best series –
  • Book that makes you (literally) laugh out loud –
  • Book that you have thought about long after you’ve finished reading it –
  • Book that you just could not put down –
  • Book that makes you cry –
  • Book you have loved that has made it to screen –
  • Favourite autobiography –
  • Book that inspired you –
  • Book you recommend to 10 – 16 year olds –
  • Book you recommend for a holiday read –
  • Book that scared you –
  • Book you have read and re-read many times –
  • Book that you studied at school that you loved –
  • Favourite young children’s book –
  • Favourite fictional character of all time –
  • Character you wish you could be and why –
  • Land/place from a book that you wish you could visit –
See that was painless! Please copy and paste it into the post comments and share with your friends – thank you!

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