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Magnificent Mini Beasts at Chilton Primary School

Magnificent Mini Beasts at Chilton Primary School

Young children go up close with a hands-on experience of mini beasts from Zoo Lab.

The Reception year group pupils at Chilton Primary School in Ramsgate met with Zoo Lab Ranger Hannah who introduced them to a variety of creatures.

These included Nigel the Millipede and a Giant African Snail. She also brought along Charlotte the Tarantula, although pupils investigated her from the safety of the spider’s container as she was too dangerous for them to handle.

Assistant Head of School Hannah Cheshire said the experience was “a brilliant adventure” for the young children. She added: “The Ranger taught us key information about the animals and we learnt some fascinating facts.

“We are following the visit up with outdoor collaborative artwork to celebrate the creatures and will be creating our own pop-up fact books.

“Sessions like this are valuable for our young children as it brings to life what we are teaching and gives them a real insight into learning.”

Zoo Lab say: “We explain the concepts of science in ways that children can readily see and touch. Children get the chance to see, touch and handle animals, and to understand more. 

“Zoo Lab is about fun and imagination – we take the children on a voyage of discovery.  In everything we do, animals are at the centre of things.

“As Rangers, we live with and care for our animals at home: they are not items to be put away in a box, but are part of our lives.  We want our animals to be part of other people’s lives too.”

Chilton Primary School is part of the Viking Academy Trust together with Upton Junior School, Broadstairs, and Ramsgate Arts Primary School.

Thank you for such a fabulous article Chilton, we hope you enjoyed exploring all the animals, we know that Zoo Lab are fantastic at what they do. We wonder which animal was your favorite?

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