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John and I were out of the office again today for another ‘wild’ road trip, this time visiting the ‘Sheep Ahoy Animal Rescue’ in Ash, Canterbury.

This was a visit I’d been looking forward to all week and when I was introduced to ‘Elvis’ I knew I wasn’t going to be disappointed.

Now, before you all start thinking I’ve completely lost the plot, Elvis is one of the rescued sheep that live in the sanctuary, along with Lola, Pom Pom, Rolo, Pipsqueak and many, many more.

I was pleasantly surprised at how friendly all the sheep were as they all wandered over to check out their visitors. I say ‘pleasantly’ because I genuinely didn’t know what to expect as all of these sheep have special needs and requirements due to their individual histories.

As Julia showed us around it was obvious how much she cared for these animals. She greeted them all by name and they responded by coming straight over to have their backs scratched. Several even chose to follow us as we wandered around the paddock.

This visit really was a great insight into what the sanctuary does and the challenges it faces as it expands. Thanks to Julia for inviting us over to see all the good work that is going on.

I hope you enjoy the gallery of images from our visit, and please shear (sorry, couldn’t resist) this page with anyone who may be interested in finding out about ‘Sheep Ahoy’.


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