Are you and your children water safe at home and on holiday?

 Swimsuits – check, passports – check, suntan lotion – check…water safety knowledge…?

As the days get longer and warmer in the lead up to summer, we’re keen to get out and about in the garden, in the pool and at the beach. But this Drowning Prevention Week, we remind you to stay safe

With summer holidays on the horizon the Royal Life Saving Society UK (RLSS UK), the drowning prevention charity, issues a timely reminder of how you can have fun and keep your family safe, in and around bodies of around water.

Drowning accidents are always especially high in the summer months and every year people drown both at home and on holiday because they don’t take simple precautions.

We want people to enjoy the water safely, so reaching people with water safety messages is vital.

  • Look out for lifeguards: they help keep beaches and pools safe
  • Water is colder than it looks: cold water will affect your ability to swim and self-rescue
  • Don’t go too far out: swim parallel to the shore so you’re never too far from help
  • The current is stronger than it looks: sometimes it may not be visible at all
  • Bring a friend: that way you have someone close to help you
  • Don’t drink: alcohol slows you down and impairs your judgement

Drowning Prevention Week is the national campaign from RLSS UK and will run between 16 – 26 June 2017.

One person drowns every 20 hours in the UK and hundreds more suffer life changing injuries through near drowning.

By spreading water safety advice far and wide, Drowning Prevention Week aims to teach people how to stay safe near water.

The campaign encourages schools, clubs, leisure centres and communities to promote water safety through events, lessons, games and activities in a bid to make people more aware of the dangers of water.

To find out more about DPW and how to access FREE resources for your local school, visit: