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When it’s Cold Outside…

Give your Central Heating System Some TLC…

By Trevor Ryan IGEM Tech Engineer of Tigergas Gas Engineers

As the nights draw in and the temperature plunges, give some thought to the unseen member of your family, silently without complaint 24/7 keeping you warm and comfortable… or will it?

Today’s modern boilers will undoubtedly outperform past heating systems of old, however, like all mechanical equipment they need some maintenance, improvements, safety checks to maximise continual optimal running efficiency, over its service life while working in a safer manner.

Regular servicing and safety checks by a Gas-Safe Registered Heating Engineer Professional who has the latest combustion analysis equipment will ensure optimal running, while at the same time advise on new technological advances/system improvements.


Can add significant energy savings, when combined with a high-efficiency boiler, Like the INTERGAS  range of high-efficiency boilers that being Dutch are at the forefront of condensing technology, outperforming virtually all other brands by fully condensing in both heating & hot water mode.  Having only 4 moving parts, Swiss-designed bi-thermal heat exchanger simplistic design ultra reliable, it’s no wonder the awards it’s received. Combine this boiler with the Latest “Nest” smart internet control, “open-therm” boiler protocol software, along with voice control from “Amazon echo dot”, gives the homeowner probably the most efficient 21st century smart controlled affordable kit on the market. “Its the “Space Ex ” of the heating industry.

Chemical Treatment/Filter

Chemical treatment of heating systems has long been overlooked but is a critical component, along with a magnetic dirt filter, to protect and improve system efficiency by up to 15%

Additionally, by adding fluid heat transfer additives like Thermoboost, which alter the heat capacity of water, (therefore, improving heat transfer between heat exchange surfaces) you can go one step further by reducing your heating bills by up to 20%

Modern Radiators

Typically contain less water, have fins welded onto the waterways thus producing 30% more heat, quickly enabling the boiler to condense & modulate, saving energy. When combined with a modern Thermostatic Radiator Valve, it adds more savings & controllability.


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