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St. Ethelbert’s Catholic Primary School – Year 5 Violin Group

Year 5 violin group take the whole school for an assembly! All of Year 5 class at St. Ethelbert’s Catholic Primary School, in Ramsgate, learn the violin for the whole year. They divide into two groups of 15 on a Friday afternoon. Their teacher, Mrs Royston said that the whole class are coming on in leaps and bounds. Each session ends with a full performance of their violin in front of the whole school and their parents on a Friday...

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St Laurence Junior Academy – Year 4 Cabinet of Curiosities

Cabinet of Curiosities On Tuesday 7th February, the children and staff from 4WG celebrated the launch of their Cabinet of Curiosities display, being exhibited at The Powell-Cotton Museum at Quex The children have been working with the staff since the start of the year, learning how to select, label and put special, treasured items on display to the general public. The culmination of their hard work was celebrated with a launch event, where the children were joined by their parents and grandparents, who were also able to tour the museum free of charge after viewing the exhibit. Anyone can...

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St Laurence Junior Academy – Eggciting Magic and Mystery Week

Eggciting Magic and Mystery Week By St Laurence Junior Academy pupils, Keira Lawrence and Kacey Richardson. The week commencing 13th March, was an exciting week for the pupils of St Laurence Junior Academy (Ramsgate)-who were enthralled by a series of events for Magic and Mystery week It all began when a ‘mysterious’ object appeared on the school field, causing the fire bell to ring. Pupils and staff were evacuated on to the playground; their safety was paramount. After Mr Jeremy Gorham (Site Manager) had performed a thorough investigation of the site, he discovered a bizarre, egg-like object near the...

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Ursuline College – Ofsted Inspection

Ursuline College  Ofsted Inspection Ursuline College underwent a section 8 Ofsted inspection on Tuesday 25th April 2017. I am delighted to report that the Ofsted inspectors concluded that the Ursuline College remained a Good school and that this judgement was unchanged from its last inspection. This is an excellent result for the school and confirms that we continue to provide a good standard of education for our pupils. The school is determined to build upon this success and aim even higher for the future. As executive head teacher I would like to thank all the staff, governors and students for their hard...

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Northbourne Park School – French Cuisine

French Cuisine at Northbourne Park School On Friday 5th May, Northbourne Park Pre-Prep pupils and their parents enjoyed a morning of French cuisine culture Tucking into an authentic French breakfast complete with croissants, baguettes, pain au chocolat, along with jus d’orange or chocolat chaud. This French cuisine experience gave parents of pupils in Reception and Year 2 classes the perfect opportunity to see their children’s twice weekly French lessons come to fruition. Learning a secondary language at such young age prepares them for later in life. Mrs Rees, Head of the Pre-Prep said: “It was lovely to see the children...

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