Author: Dave Stevens

Special Guests Visit Library Relaunch at Newington CPS

A host of special guests from the literary World dropped by to visit Newington Community Primary School this afternoon for the relaunch of their school library. The afternoon event also served as an opportunity for teachers, parents and children to engage in their love of story-telling. It is one of the most fundamental building blocks to a rounded education, and if children can look upon reading as an engaging, immersive and enjoyable activity then they are well on there way to opening up a World of possibilities as they approach adulthood. Reading can, and should, be a lifelong learning...

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Teachers And Pupils From Thanet Schools Take ‘Key Steps’ Towards Future Gymnastics Success

Schoolchildren from Years 1-6 and their PE Staff were invited along to Ursuline College for the ‘Key Steps Gymnastics Development Festival’ this morning. The event consisted of coaching sessions for the pupils and also gave the staff a chance to improve their subject knowledge of the fantastic ‘Key Steps’ program. ‘Key Steps’ is an initiative from British Gymnastics that focuses on the basic principles of the sport and gives participants a set of skills to learn and goals to strive for as they become more accomplished. Pupils attending today’s event will work on the drills they have learned as...

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