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My ‘What you call’ Life

In our house we go all out to celebrate Christmas, it is a big deal (well my dad is Father Christmas). It is an important family time for us, a chance to relax and enjoy being together, and we have many traditions some old, some newer and some that haven’t even been started yet. Advent is always full of Carol concerts and nativities, I have done a few in my time and they still always manage to bring a tear or two to my eye, ok, ok, I lie I always cry like a baby, old traditions there. We...

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St Ethelbert’s Harvest Festival with a twist.

Expecting a usual Harvest Festival assembly at St Ethelbert’s Catholic Primary School Ramsgate, I was surprised to be presented with a piece of paper with a red tomato on one side and a green pepper on the other! Those of you whose brains work quicker than mine, know what is coming. Yes, at this harvest festival we were treated to a game of Ready, Steady, Cook, 2 members of staff had volunteered or should I say were coerced into pitting their culinary skills against each other. Deputy head Mrs Lockwood played host and Mrs Donnelly-Gore and Mrs Rydz were true...

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My ‘what you call’ Life

My only daughter has just turned 18 and on the eve of her birthday, I found myself all of a sudden feeling very old. Granted I still have my Winnie the Pooh Pyjamas, love a kinder surprise and need my wonderful mum as much as the next girl, but on the eve of her birthday, I found myself feeling a little lost and shedding a tear. How on earth can I be old enough to have 2 children over the magic 18, when at times I still feel like an 18-year-old myself daunted by the world around me and...

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How to…Get rid of unwanted visitors.

They have only been back at school a matter of weeks, so much so the uniform still looks reasonable, no holes yet or permanent marker on the shirt and the shoes still look polished and unscuffed. However, those dreaded words have already surfaced, nits and lice, already the text messages and notes home have started ‘Please check your child’s head tonight. There have been reports of head lice.’ My poor children every time they sit near me I’m there checking through their hair like some deranged maternal mountain gorilla! Personally, I religiously comb my hair through every time I...

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All About…The School Senco

The title SENCo is an abbreviation for Special Educational Needs Coordinator. Children learn in different ways and can have different levels or kinds of SEN. So, if your child has SEN, the school will increasingly step by step provide and bring in specialist expertise to help with the difficulties they may have. All about the school SENCo. The SENCo in your child’s school will have a day to day responsibility for the delivery of the SEN policy and coordinate the provision made for the individual children within the school, they will work closely with the school staff, parents and...

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