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Top Tips to Surviving Teenage Friendships

Friendships are a peculiar beast at times and this becomes more and more apparent as you grow up and understand yourself better. Some might say it has to do with getting older, but I’m not entirely convinced that it is just down to maturity. I think it is to do with your own boundaries, knowing and accepting yourself and what you expect from others and what you are willing to do for them without compromising who you are. But most importantly it’s about accepting people for who they are – yourself included. We are all different, have been shaped...

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Thanet Wanderers Community Open Day 2017.

Educational Life were delighted to be invited to the Thanet Wanderers RUFC Community Open Day 2017 It was business as normal for the many mini and junior Wanderers and their coaches and parents who are to be found at the St Peters Ground on Sunday mornings during the rugby season. Potential players and their families, who took up the open invitation to come and see a typical Sunday morning, can only have been impressed by the enthusiasm of the youngsters and the patience and care shown by the many qualified coaches. The younger players received a goodie bag courtesy of...

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What Does ‘Community’ Mean to You?

The last week has been exciting and invigorating with a lashing of stress but has made me sleep well! Hoorah! It has also left me thinking about what I class as community. Often, I am so busy thinking about the larger community – Canterbury and Thanet as areas that we focus on for work and how we can do more for everyone living in those districts, that I’d forgotten that ‘community’ means so much more than that. Of course, there is the larger sense of the term, but what about our personal communities? Our networks? The ones that keep...

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Educational Life welcomes new member to the team.

Educational Life are very pleased to introduce you to our new team member Dave as our School and Community Liaison Advisor. Contact Dave today It is his job to get out and about to our schools and the local community. We hope that you will get to know Dave well as he attends school and community events and shares all your good news. Dave will also be heading up and managing our Young Reporters scheme so keep an eye out for more details from Dave about that. Please, join us in giving Dave a huge warm welcome to the...

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A Weight on Your Mind

Leanne Hawker discusses the growing weight issue for both adults and children across the UK As a nation it’s a fact that we’re getting bigger, plates are bigger, portions are bigger, biscuits are bigger and now we’re bigger! Being overweight has become so normalised we don’t even recognise it anymore and can lead to us failing to see it in our own children. This is most certainly not a criticism. For many of us food has been attached to our emotions for our whole lives, if we were good we might get a sweet treat. If we were ‘naughty’...

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