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Story Time! “Pongwiffy” Chapter 6 Part 1

It’s story time again with our very own Eleanora Fizzle-Wallop as she continues to read Pongwiffy. Chapter 6 Part 1 This week’s Story Time finds Eleanora Fizzle-Wallop reading the first part of Chapter 6 “Scott Sinister” You Make Magic With Your Words This chapter is extra special because we learn the way that witches spell things. It’s very similar to the way you are taught to read now! Here’s a picture so you can see what Eleanora Fizzle-Wallop shows you during the video. Even though the words aren’t spelt correctly, Eleanora reads them properly. How? Is this her magic? No!...

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Donating to Educational Life CIC

There are a few ways that you can support Educational Life CIC and we are grateful for anything you can spare. Educational Life CIC is a platform for local community groups and schools to celebrate their good news and share information beneficial to local residents. The good news is shared via our constantly updated website and our free magazine. The magazine is released 7 times a year, (before each school holiday and another at the start of the school year.) Articles and features are purely positive and written to inspire change through education – by providing unbiased facts from...

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Being Kind to Yourself in the Season of Goodwill

The end of the year is approaching with quite some speed. It seems that the majority of conversations, shop windows, TV adverts and music around us are geared for one thing. Christmas. Now, for some people, this is amazing. Christmas marks the zenith or their year. They love it and because they love it, they want everyone else to be infected with Christmas cheer. However, not everyone feels the same at this time of year, in fact, this time of year can be the most difficult, troubling and isolating time of year. For those people, it is the season...

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#KidsTakeOver for World Children’s Day – Team Baby Photos

Team Baby Photos – Guess Who! As part of World Children’s Day, we’re sharing our baby photos and our favourite childhood memory. Based on our favourite childhood memory we’ve chosen the rights we feel all children have. Can you guess which baby photo belongs to which team member and their favourite childhood memory?  Favourite memory and rights all children should have: Playing football – All children have the right to play sport Spending time with my Dad and visiting my Nan to have my hair done before sports day – All children have the right to feel loved Having...

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World Children’s Day – #kidstakeover

Here at Educational Life CIC we believe children matter. It’s why we do what we do. Back in 2012, We were heartsick that our local youngsters couldn’t accept praise because they were being scapegoated in the local and national press and it was having a dreadful impact on their self-esteem and development. It gave us great shame to be adults and we knew we had to do something about it…so we did! It’s why Educational Life CIC only share purely positive news. Why we celebrate the good and outstanding achievements taking place in our community for our young people...

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