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The Power of Literature

I love literature. I am not a bookworm, I am a book dragon. I’m not sure that there is a pleasure quite like piggybacking someone else’s imagination and making it your own. To forming a relationship with fictional characters and sharing their journey, willing them on, empathising with their experience or despising their enemies and indeed the impact of that experience on your psyche. Those characters become a pseudo-family. Seemingly, they understand you in ways people in real-time cannot grasp, or they encounter the same challenges that you are making you feel like the novel is written just for...

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Top Children’s Books

There are few activities that are as pleasurable or as character building as reading a good book. When you ask people what their favourite children’s book was, it’s as if a magical light flicks on. So which ones are our favourites? There seems to be so many that have such an impact that it’s quite hard to narrow them down! These are the ones that we would recommend and should be easy to find in your local library. Happy reading! Ages 0 – 5: 1. The Very Hungry Caterpillar – Eric Carle 2. The Jolly Postman –  Janet &...

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The Alarm Clock Symphony

The Alarm Clock I’m intrigued. What type of person are you? I don’t just mean whether you’re a morning person. Oh no! I mean what type of morning alarm clock person are you. I don’t know about you but I’m a one alarm kinda gal. Sometimes I wake up before it goes off and I very rarely press snooze. Now, this does not mean that I am full of the joys of springs first thing or happy about having to be an adult and get out of the cocoon duvet, but neither am I a grumpy, unapproachable person who needs...

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