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Screen Free Week – Board Game Joy!

We’ve had a wonderful few days playing board games during our Screen Free Week time. Today we’re going to do something else – if you’re looking for activities please take a look at our Educational Life Facebook Page event for ideas and downloadable content Screen Free Week Resources So far it’s been wonderful but it has taken some getting used to. How are you finding it? Have a fab day everyone! We asked John why his favourite game is Monopoly and he said, It’s my favourite game…by far. Why? Power. I think you need to be good with numbers to...

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Nostalgia Warning! I’m going to sound really old here! I’m not I promise, just observing changes.

  At the weekend, we settled down with my teenage daughter to watch ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral’ because she hadn’t seen it. I know, I know huge mum let down. Anyway, she won’t admit it but she laughed out loud and really enjoyed it, which was wonderful to see because I haven’t seen that smile an awful lot recently especially watching TV. We have just endured ’13 Reasons Why’ and for many a reason,  I will come back to talking about our experience of that at a later date. Immediately afterwards the greatest movies of the 90’s was...

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My ‘What You Call’ Life

We recently visited Frankie and Friends to have a family portrait taken This week we went and spent the morning with the fabulous Ralph Hope at Frankie and Friends Photography. Our eldest son is 18 now, off to Uni in September (fingers crossed) for both him and his sister the opposite sex is on the scene and long-term relationships will be on the cards soon enough. I have very few photos of the seven of us and getting a professional one has been on my to-do list for a while. We met Ralph about a year ago and instantly clicked, recently he took our professional headshots for the company, I am not keen on having my photo taken but by the end of the session we were laughing, relaxed and yes, I will admit it, having a great time. Photographing seven individuals is no mean feat especially when the youngest is 4 and as soon as a camera appears pulls the most amazing faces. Now to get the family there in the first place was a challenge, we first booked in back in October, but the youngest face planted the floor two days before we were due and left a lovely mark right across his face. Ok, so we needed to rearrange, after considering, hospital appointments, holidays, sporting fixtures, work commitments, social commitments, school commitments etc. the only date available was...

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The Power of Literature

I love literature. I am not a bookworm, I am a book dragon. I’m not sure that there is a pleasure quite like piggybacking someone else’s imagination and making it your own. To forming a relationship with fictional characters and sharing their journey, willing them on, empathising with their experience or despising their enemies and indeed the impact of that experience on your psyche. Those characters become a pseudo-family. Seemingly, they understand you in ways people in real-time cannot grasp, or they encounter the same challenges that you are making you feel like the novel is written just for...

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Top Children’s Books

There are few activities that are as pleasurable or as character building as reading a good book. When you ask people what their favourite children’s book was, it’s as if a magical light flicks on. So which ones are our favourites? There seems to be so many that have such an impact that it’s quite hard to narrow them down! These are the ones that we would recommend and should be easy to find in your local library. Happy reading! Ages 0 – 5: 1. The Very Hungry Caterpillar – Eric Carle 2. The Jolly Postman –  Janet &...

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